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GEP Currency “Provides Secured Emergency Assets, rebuilding infrastructures globally,

destroyed by disasters from Earthquakes, Fires, Floods, & Civil unrest.
Globalemergencyprovisons.com provides the basic necessities of life; Food, Clothes, Shelters

& Emergency First Aid. 
Purchasing GEP Currency will warranty all ABC I Coins providing a secured purchas

power with emergency, supplies & equipment as assets.
The secured warehousing and maintenance of these emergency goods and services will be

the Asset-Backed Currency desperately needed now and in the very near future”

You can purchase the currency through Paypal. Copper coins amounts starts at $1.68 please contact us for details.

Homeless Refugee Crisis & Educational Survival Help with ​Earthquake, Fires, Floods & Civil unrest

Regarding the potential threats which all government offices and facilities are under worldwide, emergency facilities, to conduct basic work operational functions should continue being seamless throughout any emergency threat.
GEP Global Emergency Provisions will provide affordable renewable energy office facilities, ready to go to be utilized in times of emergency. These portable renewable energy facilities will contain all computers systems, with emergency equipment, and supplies ready to be operated within a moment's notice.

All specifications will be designed within your facility including the size of your staff, office space, and their basic needs. Moreover, because of emergency situations, such as an earthquake, fire, flood, or civil unrest, these facilities are portable and ready to be moved to a place of safety.

All units are containerized structures starting at 53 square feet or 39 square meters basic facilities can be utilized for at least 12 employees within the main open office and two upper management staff members with a private office. In addition, a kitchenette and a full bathroom with shower is included. Enhancement options facilities can be bullet proof or weapon resisted basic unit cost is as low as 33,600 dollars.

          The homeless & refugee growing global sorrows is seriously out of control and tragically getting worst daily. Not just those within war-torn areas who are either forced out or displaced from their homes. Presently at this current time placing these sad words to this page I’m within the Philippines; today’s, date and time is 5/25/2017 at 9:02 am. And today something must be done for those living within the squatter area throughout the country.

    The utter squalor and degradation of those who barely live within squatter areas, seemingly with no choice insight; daily, barely survive. And those who dare to survive, some must face the daily tragedies of drug dealers, forced prostitution, being robbed or raped. Even if those horrific conditions are not so prevalent in some areas the daily grind of poverty, living in rat and cockroach-infested areas and because of stagnant waters surrounding the properties comes unmerciful mosquito bites throughout the night.

   To say nothing about the stifling smell of the open sewers, running throughout the areas. Living within these chaotic conditions, asthmatic sicknesses, along with colds (viruses) and other infections attack adults and children alike.

    Even when the rains come which should clean the air and wash away the raw sewage, the decaying dead bodies from the graveyard property, where some of the squatters live, a slush of green slime comes out from the corpses buried on top of one another; providing more deadly peril to live within

   And yes, we can continue this discussion regarding worldwide poverty sorrows throughout the global community, such as in Calcutta, India or in Nigeria, Africa, and the war-torn Middle East. A daily track of people are fleeing their Homelands because of war or running, desperately seeking a better life.

     The tragic consequences are the same, the sad reality is the worst of human nature takes place. “Desperate measures are used by those who are in desperate situations” this is an example of those fleeing on floating death trap rafts, yes, this is one desperate way. Desperately seeking to feed your family by joining a radical terrorist group is another. Quoting wise words from the Eternal verse 18 where there is no vision, the people perish…Proverbs 29:18 (KJV). Lacking hope and opportunities to back-up that hope breeds misery and despair.

     Yet, the same desperate tragic decisions take place in the so-called first world, like America. Even in California where I currently reside, homelessness is a very serious problem throughout the state. And yes, Tragic events takes placed daily where I was born and raised in Chicago, now given a new name, called Chiraq. because of the rampant, senseless killings.

 If Chicago doesn't fix the horrible "carnage" going on, 228 shootings in 2017 with 42 killings (up 24% from 2016), I will send in the Feds!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 25, 2017

     Chicago’s murder rate is high, and it has risen significantly in the last two years. But the recent rate of killings is not unprecedented: During the mid-1990s, Chicago experienced a higher toll of murders than it did in 2016. By: Rob Arthur https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/chicagos-murder-rate-is-rising-but-it-isnt-unprecedented/

    And yes, you can argue people in America become homeless for different reasons. Yet, the tragic effects are the same. Wherever the reasons their lives spiral out of control, this leads to more tragic, desperate acts. Becoming addicted to a plethora of medications or narcotic drugs in many cases, these actions leads to homelessness and even perhaps that homeless state is the least of their troubles. “The solution is a new way of thinking” and a great way to enhance this new way is to change their environment, providing a clean secure place to live.

      A place to live, learn, work and grow in a place of peace, the global community must give those suffering with many sorrows, relief. Relief must come in the form of opportunity and these opportunities will breed hope. Introducing the new Renewable Energy Communities, SARAP Centers. These facilities will help bring a new beginning, a new start, a new life. If many of those throughout Chicago was given a decent place to live with a decent job, providing for their families, there would be little time and thought of killing thy neighbor.

     If the thousands of homeless living in California, lived in a better environment away from the drug infested streets, they would have a chance to clear their minds and strive to dream bigger and live cleaner lives. The same with those of live within the Middle East, when these renewable energy communities are established, especially throughout the promise safe zones, they will be giving new hope, with new opportunities to live, learn, work, grow and provide for their families, there would be little incentive for them to join any radical terrorist group.

      And those poverty-stricken citizens barely living, barely surviving in many places throughout Africa, as well as throughout the nation of India and the Philippines, can also acquire a new way of thinking. Giving the opportunity, living with hope, in their new environment; learning, working and growing, having gainful employment, building these renewable energy facilities themselves, then their lives will be changed, for the better, forever. Now gaining this new way of thinking, they become Educators of this new way of life, giving the opportunity to others.

     Instead of their present darkness of life literally living on bodies of the dead, they now live with a new energy for life; not as, (HR) Homeless Refugees but as what we all are created to be, a great (HR) Human Resource.



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